tneger turns to teenager

When it all comes crashing down
A million and one should have's run through your mind
Racing as fast as that car raced
Down the street
And as the tears run down your cheek
They whisper words to keep you calm
And with the people you love you take a moment to realize how fast they could leave
Just as she raced in back to catch him
As we wait for green
The intoxicated fumes come rushing to the left
Just as we left to meet her
And as we arrived
The car sat there
As hepless as I felt inside
And as we wait
My heart begins to beat
Faster and faster
A pace in tune with the cars that pass
I couldn't help but think it would only get worse
He sinks in his chair
As we see the flashing lights coming up
And the night proceeded to never get any better
Just as I had expected
Time eats you up inside
It's means the end is coming
And it's coming.. jet_fast

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