Mexican cowboy

If he was really smart
Don't you think he'd be half way around the world studying abroad?
But he's sitting in a stuffy classroom with a bunch of jouveniles
Telling them how stupid they are and how smart he is
Now there's something a little off in this picture..
But that's besides the point, there's a whole heap of people I could be worrying about
I warned her
I really knew all this was about to happen
And I tried not to cave into her demands
And now she thinks I betrayed her
By not telling her something that wasn't even her worries to begin with
And the funny part is--
She doesn't understand why
Because no one will ever undertand
I'll never say
I'll be burried with this secret
Holding it tight
Because no matter how much I hate him
I wouldn't ever wish to let this ruin him
IAnd even when that day comes
And I feel like he deserves to have everyone know
I'll remember how much it doesn't matter and how much it's just not worth it
Not worth everyone looking at him differently
The way I do
The blue ocean lays ahead
It's the promise of a new life, a new start
And my ship began to sink
And my hopes and dreams went down with ...

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