Act 1 Seen Nothing

It became serious when everyone started not to care anymore

Because as long as they did the more I felt I was trying to keep it up

So although I was helping myself it had a lot to do with the fact that everyone held on so tightly

Shallow, I guess you can say, yes--

But it felt good, for the first time to be noticed

Then slowly everyone started to clear the stage

It wasn't intermission, it was the end

And the beginning of my downfall

It stripped me of my newborn identity

Something I had longed for my entire life

To be someone

To have something everyone wanted

I hadn't comprehended it, but I was setting myself up for something rather uncontrollable

And just when I was on top of the world

I realized It might have only been a map

That the applause died down

And I was standing in front of a closed curtain

So from now on I'm going to start something knowing I wan't it

And if a few good words slip in along the way, well, I can't help it..


Drawing a General Blank

Im sure people will get it one day
They'll understand why I choose to be the way I am
And maybe all the faces will make more sense this time around
Im suppost to shut my mouth as if I don't have a say
Well keep your comments to yourself
And I'll enjoy myself next time
Because I'm never going to let myself fall again
Your indecisive and I'm not about to sit
Wait around until you're happy with the way things are
Maybe everyone else will
They'll stick by your side no matter what
Because you've gotten them all to think your some kind of brother
And I'm sure they feel all warm inside, but I have no plans on moving in this direction
Any longer
And from this point on I would rather be standing still in time
Then have to face another day playing a game of house
But I won't let you have the satisfaction of keeping everything away from me
So if it meant I'd have to dress up a hopeless day
I will
Because the only reason I continue to move on this way
Is because it's too painful to watch them stay
And too hard to let it all slip away