Only the good die young

Not too long ago I remember I used to be a selfish child

I put myself before others and I was very aware of it too

But I figured it was just my nature and that I couldn't change

Well I did and sometimes I wish I hadn't

Because I don't think a person really realizes the extent of their selflessness unless, that is, they were once themselves a selfish human being

I changed, but maybe not for the better

I wonder sometimes what it is like to be strong

What it feels like to stand up for yourself, to never let a person walk all over you and still take them back

To still care even though they hurt you

All I know is the feeling of being weak

And having only myself to blame for cause and effect

What happens to the person that pushes so hard for others and leaves themself behind

Or the person who opens their heart only to feel betrayed, left with nothing, and broken

I wished to be a good person in God's eyes only to fall short

Because I was good, but what brought me down was that I was too good and cared too much

That thin divider, that tiny threshold

Invisible to the naked eye and the good heart