Live a more active lifestlye today and you will build up your ego -- so get active!
It's a good day for you -- your energy levels are peaking, and you feel better about those weird events of the recent past. See if you can push ahead toward something even bigger and wilder!
(I've never been one to get hung up on these types of things, but this was freaky..)


Leaving Lucifer

"When it's really quiet like this, that's when I truly hate myself.."
This is me, this is all I'll ever be
And maybe it was the fact that someone loved me
Even at my worst
That convinced me to give up
What punishment comes to those who betray God?
Stuck in the tenth level of Hell
One that Dante had forgotten
One that I have created for myself
For those who decieve
The human mind is a funny thing
We proceed to do things we know are wrong
Because it gives us a feeling of exhilaration
I want something different for myself
I have felt the ecstacy of the edge, but now I'd rather be normal
I don't want to continue to feel burdened by my actions
And maybe this time around things will be different and God can forgive me
He is all that I need, My hope



Lately I find myself feeling anxious
Like I'm waiting for something to happen
Something that I don't even know about
And the wierd part is, in a sense, I am waiting for things
I'm awaiting answers
To questions I don't understand or am too scared of confronting
Maybe I should have kept my word
Maybe now is a good time to stop lieing to myself about the person I've become
And the hardest part is looking them in the eyes or sharing a laugh with them
Because I know I don't deserve it, because I know I chose wrong
And still did it despite my better knowledge
And when I'm looking at myself in the mirror, I put my hand over the reflection of my face
Partly because I don't want to see myself crying, but more so because I'm so disgusted with myself
Who am I? What have I let myself become?
I am a stranger to myself and I am a prisoner of my own thoughts, sins, & mistakes
It felt good for those moments to feel connected to something
But feelings come in many forms
Happiness, lust, trust, love, betrayal, forgiveness, letting go..