I Need A Job

So this is for all those times you woke up feeling ugly
And you got dressed because you thought that maybe if you did you'd feel better than yesterday

Last week or even last month

But it didn't

The clothes you wear now only reflect the fact that change makes you realize what you had

And what you lost

Or how you might not realize it, but you're actually not alone

In fact- Almost the entire population is feeling it

When I feel like there's nothing else

Not anyone that could feel as bad as I do

And I keep thinking it will only get worse

I read her story and look at the photos

That might just look like a bunch of things that get in your way when your in a rush to be somewhere

But they mean so much more when you really think about it

And they make you feel that no matter how much

Or how little you have left

It's what you make of those simple moments

That defy your worst days

Or the times when you seem to not be anything you want

You're able to pull yourself out of it

And make some kind of revelation

So you can remind yourself that

This kind of stuff happens

To everyone, I promise you that

And guess what..we all make it out alright.


Look it Up

I bet you didn't see that coming
It caught you in your sorry
So maybe next time you'll think before you speak
I'm not so easily taken down
You won't raise yourself higher by pushing me under
I'm a breath of fresh air
And I am a new person
Realizing my own strength was enough to stop your heartless tongue
Calling you out on something was better than any revenge
And my silence made victory sweeter than any before
Because to me I couldn't care less if you were on my side
And I'd drag every person down with me
By my side to show you what your worth
Make no mistakes I won't be taken for a fool
I know how to twist my words in order to make the next
Well, even better than todays last look.