Published May 30

As the sun hits my back on this late May afternoon,
I am thankful to still be here
And tomorrow it will be all the same
As I get to spend an entire day with my sister and unborn nephew
Today under the warmth of the sky, I felt someone reach over and touch my back
And as I looked up to see who it was
I was greeted by a warm smile from the clouds
One that I used to know all too well
And it reminded me of why I get to be here still
Why I should be greatful my time wasn't taken as soon as others
So for now I want to say to the person I know who was smiling at me from the clouds..
I still think about you everyday

And I can't remeber a time that I didn't think about you as I walked home from school
Or relaxed under the sun like today
And as I smiled back

The sun grew stronger on my face
And I felt beautiful..


Dreaming in the Court

I think she is real
Only not in the way that I want her to be
She is me
I am her
Her story is mine as well
But in a different light
And I never quite realized someone else in this world could feel how I feel
Maybe this isn't your story, but you heard about it
Or maybe you made it up and hadn't thought you were writing someone elses story
My Story
In my mind there is no difference between you or me
We came from the same place, sharing the same things
Only thing was I was living with a stranger
And when you left I din't feel anything
And as fast as you left you came back
I guess it was God's way of trying to tell us it wasn't your time yet
And I was glad
But soon you turned into a person whom I always hated in my dreams
The kind of person who left their past behind them
Almost like it didn't matter
Only it does
It matters to me
It matters to all of us
So I hope you two can be happy together without looking back on your past encounters
But soon enough you'll see your past demons will come running back to haunt you in your courtyard dreams