you're never starving

It's almost as if my happiness has mood swings
At times I feel so fortunate for the things I have
And then there are those low points
Where everything seems to be a vicious cycle
The good days are filled with a share of self-confidence
The bad days consist of cries in front of my bedroom mirror
And it's those days where I feel most selfish
And throughout my life
I've grown up to respectively admit to my bad habbits
And it's not that I want to get up and never have a bad day again
Because I know they're bound to come
I just wish the good points stayed longer
As I look back I can chronologically repeat every detail of that bad day
But if you ask me about that simple good day
And I remember is feeling -happy
For once..for one small second I can remember it was all okay
And I was content
I didn't want to change anything
I understand now that it's not that I'm unhappy
It's that I want to change everthing
And when I wake up, look into that mirror and think it's going to be another bad day
I'll just have to take a deep breathe and tell myself that I can't chnage everything
It's humanly impossible
And the truth is I know it
Becasue I tried
And it drained me half to death
Smile-- for no reason
And you'll find that you won't be making so many frequent visits to your psychologist

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