"On My Own"

I layed on the cold basement floor
Hands wrapped around my face
And I tried to forget what I had just done
I tried to make up for the fact
That as much as I hated you as a person
I was you
And while I had thrown the towel in
I was doing exactly what you would have done
And that was the day
That I cried becasue I was grieving
The fact that I was so torn
And I finally admitted something was wrong
Out-loud for someone to hear
I layed there numb for those moments
Becasue she had walked away
She couldn't help me
No one could
[I intended on making up for lost time]
And now whenever you make your empty comments
I laugh
I laugh at the fact that I stopped fate
Dead in its tracks
Spun it around and gave it back to you
Because I've finally opened my eyes
And left you alone
Because I'm old enough to guess that
If I hold your hand forever
You will never let go
I picked my head up from my hands
And stood with my feet facing in the direction I couldn't see looking from your eyes
I made my way to the steps
And took my first step
On my own

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