tneger turns to teenager

When it all comes crashing down
A million and one should have's run through your mind
Racing as fast as that car raced
Down the street
And as the tears run down your cheek
They whisper words to keep you calm
And with the people you love you take a moment to realize how fast they could leave
Just as she raced in back to catch him
As we wait for green
The intoxicated fumes come rushing to the left
Just as we left to meet her
And as we arrived
The car sat there
As hepless as I felt inside
And as we wait
My heart begins to beat
Faster and faster
A pace in tune with the cars that pass
I couldn't help but think it would only get worse
He sinks in his chair
As we see the flashing lights coming up
And the night proceeded to never get any better
Just as I had expected
Time eats you up inside
It's means the end is coming
And it's coming.. jet_fast

"On My Own"

I layed on the cold basement floor
Hands wrapped around my face
And I tried to forget what I had just done
I tried to make up for the fact
That as much as I hated you as a person
I was you
And while I had thrown the towel in
I was doing exactly what you would have done
And that was the day
That I cried becasue I was grieving
The fact that I was so torn
And I finally admitted something was wrong
Out-loud for someone to hear
I layed there numb for those moments
Becasue she had walked away
She couldn't help me
No one could
[I intended on making up for lost time]
And now whenever you make your empty comments
I laugh
I laugh at the fact that I stopped fate
Dead in its tracks
Spun it around and gave it back to you
Because I've finally opened my eyes
And left you alone
Because I'm old enough to guess that
If I hold your hand forever
You will never let go
I picked my head up from my hands
And stood with my feet facing in the direction I couldn't see looking from your eyes
I made my way to the steps
And took my first step
On my own



If I could see you agian

I'd sing you the song I've been saving

If I could see you agaian

I'd tell you all the things that happened

Even though you were right there with me

If I could see you again

I'd admit to never really understanding how much you really meant

If I could see you again

I'd have you tell me the same corny jokes you did and I'd laugh even harder

If I could see you again

I'd ask you to look out for us

If I could see you again

I'd never want to let you go

If I could see you again

I'd remeber sitting there in front of you

And having the illusion of your suit jacket moving up and down

And standing over you

Watching your eyes open

And your lips quiver to a smile like mine

Because if I could only see you again

Things would make more sense maybe

To everyone

And you'd make us happy

Like you always used to

I've always imagined how it would have felt if that day when I walked away crying you would turn back and say "I'm right here, I'll always be right here"


Mexican cowboy

If he was really smart
Don't you think he'd be half way around the world studying abroad?
But he's sitting in a stuffy classroom with a bunch of jouveniles
Telling them how stupid they are and how smart he is
Now there's something a little off in this picture..
But that's besides the point, there's a whole heap of people I could be worrying about
I warned her
I really knew all this was about to happen
And I tried not to cave into her demands
And now she thinks I betrayed her
By not telling her something that wasn't even her worries to begin with
And the funny part is--
She doesn't understand why
Because no one will ever undertand
I'll never say
I'll be burried with this secret
Holding it tight
Because no matter how much I hate him
I wouldn't ever wish to let this ruin him
IAnd even when that day comes
And I feel like he deserves to have everyone know
I'll remember how much it doesn't matter and how much it's just not worth it
Not worth everyone looking at him differently
The way I do
The blue ocean lays ahead
It's the promise of a new life, a new start
And my ship began to sink
And my hopes and dreams went down with ...