Sometimes we need a vacation, even from the things we Enjoy

If everyone gave a piece of their sandwich, the world would be okay.
If everyone spent more time with loved ones, maybe they would stay.
If everyone kept a picture in their pocket, they would smile everyday.
If everyone picked up that penny, surely then by May
Everyone would have a reason to say "all the bad will go away"
Make no mistake I am no preacher nor am I a saint
But I believe to have happiness you must always have faith
So give or spend or keep or pick, but never ever take
And soon you'll find here and there you'll always need a break


Nurture Your Young

In a world of impossible rules,
And preposterous people
Rests secrets yet untold.
But an open tunnel attracts wanderers,
And wanderers feed on hot air.
So we are forever then changed by the wrong doing of others
And betrayal leaves a sour taste in our mouths.
Because you see,
Bickering leaves bloated bellies
And lies leave false hope.
So like in the story of the Capulet's and the Montegue's,
To be set free of immorality, you must first shed red tears.