Picture Perfect Memory

I love the feel of your palms grazing my back
The way it tickles
The way it makes me feel safe
And I can feel your breath on my neck as you lean in for a kiss
We drive in your '07 Buick, windowns rolled down
And the breeze hits my face
It makes me feel free
I love it when you catch me stealing a glance at you
The way you smirk makes me laugh
And I know I'd do anything for you
It makes me feel scared


Wasted Talent

I figured it was worth a shot
Everyone deserves a second chance
But what happens when you lose count
When 2nd become 3rd and 4th
And soon you realize you lost youself in chances
That being a 'good person' only hurt you in the end
Nice guy's finish last
And when you cross the line
Your arms raised above your head as you swallow air
You look around and no one's there
And you cry alone because no one cares
You feel defeated because you put yourself out there
You made yourself vulnerable to your own fears
Just to find that failure is something you had done to yourself
Because the saddest thing is wasted talent


Unbearable Lightness

Today as I walked into my house
My mind was only focused on food
What was I going to eat? How many calories would it be?
Should I work out now, later, or both times?
I felt myself becomeing anxious
So I sat down at my computer to check my e-mail and give my mind a break
I felt so hungry
I walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a can of tuna
60 calories if I eat the whole thing
2 servings worth and I knew I would
I looked at the shelves above
Baby food that belonged to my 6 month old nephew for when he stayed over
I remebered reading something on the internet about women eating baby food to lose the last, hard 10-15 pounds
I needed to loose 40
I took some down and began to read the backs of them
Surely, I thought to myself, eating 80 calories of peach-banana-granola baby food was better than tuna slathered in mayo
Surely, it was better than starving