Lifes one BIG hypocrite

Not even a week and I already have the urge to hide under a rock til Monday comes
It's like I try so hard to persuade myself into liking him and then--nothing
And the fact is I'm not cold and heartless, I just simply don't like him.
And the more I try, the more I find the task becomes impossible
Like finishing a game of Monoopoly
No matter how long you try and keep your eyes open, you can't help but feel like packing it in for the night
No one ever truely wins
In life I mean
People just make the best of it and try to cope
With the true fact that their never really going to be absolutely content with the way things are
There's always "that something" that creeps up on us from behind
And slaps a nice fat gloomy look on our faces
So we have to force a smile here and there to keep our title of be the envied of the block
And grownups can be just like kids sometimes
Making a big deal about things like cracks on the pavers
The size of my nail
Go cry on your pillow at night, please
Monday couldn't possibly be here any sooner!

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