I wonder what it would take to persieve things in their eyes.
They're so happy and they have so little.
Those little things are what gives them that smile on their face when they wake up each morning.
I wonder what they think of when they close their eyes at night.
Do they dream or imagine a world where they fit in more. Or are they happy with the way things are. Do they know? Do they want to know what it feels to be persay "normal"
And live in a world where people won't always be so willing to give them a helping hand because they feel bad. I don't pitty them.
They live a life more free than anyone else because of their differences. They don't stress over the things that to us seem so important at times. The things we shape our lives around means nothing when you think about it. What is better than to live your life open. Open and so happy.
Happiness is their key and they've found it earlier than others who see them as the odd balls around them.
No odd ball here- just one full of joy, never complaining, and truly greatful person.

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