It means Nothing and Everything to me

One long cold stare and he thinks twice about giving a chuckle
Trying to make me forget what he said
It was the first time
The first time I wasn't scared and didn't care for his reaction
And the last time I would ever look at him the same
Two years ago or so I began to look at things in a different perspective
And I put myself in the shoes of different people
Hoping to realize maybe everyone was right
I was the mistake and I took the wrong approach
Setting people off on a path of distruction
Two years and a hard lesson learned
I wasn't as wrong as my relations suggest
Because the only mistake I had ever made was believing
Believng in the lies that had shaped my life and myself
So I was left with nothing and everything
I threw my roses down and I didnt just cry for him
I cried for you too
And I asked God that day to take care of the wishes I had made for them
For him to be able to move on and be happy
For her to be set free
For everyone to just have everything they had always wanted
And that I wanted them to have truly
I never once asked for myself, not even once
I could have brushed past you a million times in my life
And I would have never known we share the same blood
I never once blamed you or anyone for what happened
Now, I blame you.

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