Keep the change..

When you're truly unhappy with yourself what's left?
You can go on each day and tell everyone how fine you are.
They'll tell you "You look good" and brush past you like they made you feel so much better.
Truth is the compliments only make it worse and it makes you think of how much you've failed yourself.
Everyone else seems to be fine with who they are and they except themselves, they even except you.
But for some reason not a bone in your body can make you feel the same way.
Nothing ever makes you smile. When you do it's just to make sure no one gets on your case about always looking so gloomy.
So you fake a smile here and there to make people think everything's okay.
You lay in bed and toss from right to left. Back and forth in your mind you think of all the things that would make you truly happy.
What is it you want in your life?
To be quite frank you haven't got a clue yourself.
What's wrong?
You haven't got a clue why you haven't got a clue.
And to be blantantly honest, no one cares.
The same thing Lilo said from a script to earn some money and now, who would have guessed(or cared for that matter), the guy ends up in jail.
So although I'd hate to agree with a man who hasn't a clue who I am, but Mr. Palminteri was right- nobody cares.
I really don't care if you get it or don't. (laughs)
I get it, and that's what makes me truly happy.

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