Get it off your chest Part I

Ever had a person in your life all of sudden and
Totally out of the blue a c t d i f f e r e n t
And so different sometimes you just want to yell at them and say
"Quit making it so obvious!"
So at first you just think that they're probably going through some sort of phase
And you brush it off because you've see it happen to a lot to people before
Or you refer back to a similar time when you felt this way about another person
But it ended up being just your imagination, nothing serious
You foget about it and once again
-When you least expect it-
They do something even more suspicious
You try to resist temptation, but you figure it out
And afterwards you feel sick and you would give up anything at that moment
To take back what you just did
You have an internal conflict with yourself and blame yourself for finding out
And you blame that person for making it so easy to detect and discover
So you're stuck feeling emotionally disturbed and mentally scarred
...For who even knows how long.

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