I'm not quite sure what it is I want for myself
Or, better yet, out of myself
What kind of person I want to be
Where I want to go
And what if the only thing I want to be is the old me
The old me had things together
She knew where she was going and she was going fast
When I saw him pacing the hall, I felt like screaming
"I feel just the way you look"
Loud, so everyone could here it
His withdrawal was for pills
Mine was for love
To be accepted again
By God, my family, even me
Sometimes I feel there is no way out
Like I will be circling the same tumultuous path for eternity
And each time realizing I was more foolish, more selfish, and more happier the time before that
And maybe I'm confused because for the first time I'm putting someone else before myself
Something I vouched I would never do
And yet here I am
Allowing another person to take me for a spin
To pin me down and teach me a lesson I wouldn't learn otherwise
Life is too short, do with it what makes you happy

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