The Prayer

I remember a time when I hadn't had much to worry about
And usually the things that worried me even in the slightest manner were not my own worries
To an extent this frustrated me
I guess I thought having worries made your life exciting
I was so wrong for thinking this
At least now I see
Life cannot be measured in the way you spend your Friday nights, or how many friends you have, or even if you've experienced love
Life is not a measurable object, not a force to act upon
Whoever said there were no rules in life must have had it coming to them
There are rules when it comes down to anything, and so there has to be rules to living
I pray now that God forgive me in my time of need
For all the rules I did break
God had blessed me with intellect
And I refused to use it
For so many years God had steered me on the right path
But I chose to walk ahead
And so if this is God's way of letting me know that I have to listen
Well then I'm listening
I'm hoping He will listen too

1 comment:

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

"life is not a measurable object" i love your words

xoxo Nita