My guardian Angel

When I look back I bear in mind all the mistakes I made
Mistakes like thinking "I hope I don't end up like her"
and more importantly believing I was destined to become her
Today her life is as plentiful as any, if not more
And truth is, I would be blessed if my life turned out to be even a quarter of how good hers is
Sometimes people take for granted the smallest of things
Like the simplicity of smiling at the dinner table
Something that seems so natural
So today and for the rest of my life I will be thankful for the fact that God has blessed me with the greatest of family
The most unique
And to my guardian angel who heard my cries, thank you
I now realize the kind of life I want to lead
Something more spiritual, more refined
Being alone has never been so tranquil
It is just what I needed
Brawer family- Things will get better if they have not already ceased to
You're always in my thoughts and prayers
She has changed my life more than you know it
Artie- I made sure to stuff myself for the both of us yesterday
I'm sure our college essay will be liked, if not loved..

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~Red Tin Heart~ said...

"if i turned out a quarter of how good she is" that 1 line....powerful.