Grace Kelly

I think it is in the way I present myself
How I quote- "Come off" to people
And to be quite honest I really do like it that way
I mean, I never intended it to happen, but so it has
And so it shall remain
Last Tuesday made me think, why is it people try to so hard cover up their true selves?
Or emotions in this case
I'll admit it, I sat by that telephone for almost 48 hours hoping you'd call
Something I had told myself years in advance I'd never do
And that's when I asked myself..When does it end?
If I don't stop for a second and recognize the hipocrit I have become, who's to say I won't ever get over this
And there it was
In the calm feeling that lurked through my pitch black room
I pushed the red bitton in so hard, as if releasing all my anger, hostility, and fustrations with it
It's the sense of closure that I want
It doesn't matter, whether it'd be an end or even a fresh start
Just the feeling of knowing the answer
When it was virtually impossible to get it on your own
So I'm guessing this is another lesson learned
Be careful, you're the only person who has the time and desire to look out for yourself
And trust me, no ones doing that for you
Not even the people that claim to it

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