His birth made me realize I don't want life to move any faster
And if it was possible I would have frozen that moment forever
As we all circled the corridor of that open room
I remember that feeling, that feeling of hope for the future
That he had come just in time to wipe the grim faces off of all of us
He was God's gift to all of us, just in the moment we needed him most
They say as one life ends another begins
But I wish it didn't have to be that way
For the most part, this irony occurs in many instances of life
Having to let go in order to regain something we feel we need or want more
And that is why you can never have everything you want, it just doesn't work that way
Life is a huge pool of human detachments
You say to yourself "Okay this is hurt, I have felt hurt"
And you forever detach yourself from that feeling, so as you will never let yourself feel hurt again or vise versa
So with that said, I understand why time cannot stand still
And more importantly, why I would never want it to
Becasue there is so much more waiting out there for me, for everyone, to see
Without forgetting that to be able to have the full experience you must first allow yourself to let go of something in return

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