Sometimes I wish people would just say the things they felt
And maybe it would be easier to understand them
The things they do
And it's hard to comprehend why you say the things you do
Sit with a patient for a minute and tell them how you feel about the statistics of it
You'll come out a new person
Because for them- happiness is something that they have created
While it was too hard to find
And I want you to live a little and stop trying to find that answer for everything
Look into their eyes and listen to their words
Make something out of everything
And that's the key
The road to recovery is admitting something is wrong
And then become willing to fix it
But doing it for yourself, not for those around you
Look to the person next to you
Life, like one big round table
Both of them stand there
Each possessing something the other needs
And in a desperate attempt, they find comfort in the fact that nothing is ever as it seems
Perfection was a defect in the system
But the packages still kept rolling in
And one by one the world became a symbol of discontent
Talk to a person you don't know
And trust in them the fact that you are the same
Close your eyes and find it in yourself to let go
Be free. And Climb.

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