My Ripple Effect

In six days our prayers couldn't be answered, our voices could not be heard
As we look to God for forgiveness and for the truth
And for some time an entire community was focused on only one thing
Their hearts with one family
And in my dreams I wished for a better tomorrow
But maybe I should have made today count just as much
To make it better and hope that I'd always be around
And never have anything taken away from me so soon
Going home, I would look and applaud the fact that she didn't care what other people said or thought
That she was her own person
All that I needed
I couldn't stop staring
And I took in everything
Every tear she shed I felt with her
And every gasp for air I breathed as well
In the moment
Knowing I wouldn't see anything quite like it for what I hope would be a long time
So I circled 2 days
Two of which I would look back on
And in a time of selfish behavior realize what is important in life
Because now I truly understand what it means when people say 'it could be taken away from you so qickly'
I know we may have never shared a word
And you might have never looked in my direction
But I remeber you
And I'll always have a memory of you
Although it might only have lasted a minute or so
I remeber
And you taught me a very valuable lesson even though I never got to tell you
Because lately I find myself smiling at strangers
Hoping that whomever they are they will
See something that makes no sense
And think about it when they fall asleep
Get up -and do the same
Creating a ripple effect

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