Waking up to Nightmares

Is it the things you are forced to go through in life that makes you different
Does it open your eyes to lifes true value
And if so what happens to the people considered to be lucky
That never have to experience pain or suffering
Because looking deep into his eyes I hear a story
A person who has only so much left to love
But still keeps loving
Or a women who was never amiable
And cashes in her sour taste for something bitter sweet
Or the girl who wishes for something better
Because she sees nothing in what she has
I am calling out for help
I am reaching for a guide to say they understand
And tell me a story of bad dreams that turn out to be good
Because the only thing that seperates me and sanity is myself
The twisted picture I have in my head tells me what I know to be true
And it hears nothing else
But lies,
Lies that make my shadow crouch on cold basement floors
And leave scars to remind myself of who I am
And what I want to be

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