That's over

When you're emotions take over you
It's almost seems inevitable
Like everything in your life was sculpted
In a perfect way for these emotions to easily seep in
And over time the emotions start to collect as they age
The intolerable mood swings, the way your past times don't seem to find their way in as easily
Life starts to focuss more on the world around you rather than oneself
And when people ask you "What's gotten into you?"
You walk away mumbling, things you wouldn't dare say outloud, under your breathe
But loud enough for them to know they haven't gotten the last word in
And you didn't want to put all of that on them all at once
But its like you had a bad case of word vommit
And it all came crashing in on you
I rewrote most of this blog
Because I realized some of it wouldn't make sense to everyone else
But I left my favorite part in
The part that made most sense to me
And held the most valuable meaning
For the end:
I'm not lying
Making things up is not lying
It's just making life more exciting
And in the end liveable
Becasue a fantasy can always be crumpled up and forgotten about
But reality can''s scary, don't screw it up
Til you've tested and learned through your secret life

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