Lesson #243

I've learned to live my life by the simple rule that "Everything happens for a reason"

Whether a situation be good or bad, I know the outcome will be favorable

Because God will never give a person something they can't handle

Although it may seem this way, it is far from the truth

God treats all people the same and doesn't favor the rich man over the poor man

I remember a time when I felt it was too hard to love God

I had thought he failed me

Left me for dead

But when I needed Him most, He was there

He took from me all the negative thoughts and replaced them with good blessings

Always remember you are never alone

God stands beside you when no one is there

And if you allow yourself to live life knowing that where you are right now is where you are supposed to be, then you too can find God

He is amongst all of us

Sinners, saints, and all in-between

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