At A Crossroads

When you think about it happiness is actually not happy at all
Most people are happy for reasons too shameful to share
They are happy because they are making a lot of money or
Happy because they bought a new car
Happiness is one of the most, in my opinion, complex feelings in life
And that is exactly what makes happiness not such a happy thing at all
Money get's spent, cars break down and you have to buy a new one
And if it's love that makes you happy
Well, love dies too
Love gets old, love sometimes leaves when you need it most, and love
Like any other happy thing
Is never simple
I'm sure in everyone's life there has been moments where you were so happy it made you feel on top of the world
Nothing could measure up and nothing could break that
But like all other feelings, the happiness was gone without warning
So how could happiness be a good thing when it never stays?
And why should people attach themselves to that happiness if it will only go away?
Happiness is like a bad relationship, it's an on-again off-again kind of thing

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