Unbearable Lightness

Today as I walked into my house
My mind was only focused on food
What was I going to eat? How many calories would it be?
Should I work out now, later, or both times?
I felt myself becomeing anxious
So I sat down at my computer to check my e-mail and give my mind a break
I felt so hungry
I walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a can of tuna
60 calories if I eat the whole thing
2 servings worth and I knew I would
I looked at the shelves above
Baby food that belonged to my 6 month old nephew for when he stayed over
I remebered reading something on the internet about women eating baby food to lose the last, hard 10-15 pounds
I needed to loose 40
I took some down and began to read the backs of them
Surely, I thought to myself, eating 80 calories of peach-banana-granola baby food was better than tuna slathered in mayo
Surely, it was better than starving

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