Leaving Lucifer

"When it's really quiet like this, that's when I truly hate myself.."
This is me, this is all I'll ever be
And maybe it was the fact that someone loved me
Even at my worst
That convinced me to give up
What punishment comes to those who betray God?
Stuck in the tenth level of Hell
One that Dante had forgotten
One that I have created for myself
For those who decieve
The human mind is a funny thing
We proceed to do things we know are wrong
Because it gives us a feeling of exhilaration
I want something different for myself
I have felt the ecstacy of the edge, but now I'd rather be normal
I don't want to continue to feel burdened by my actions
And maybe this time around things will be different and God can forgive me
He is all that I need, My hope

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