The saddest day

The day she stops pretending
The day she wakes up to only find that the world is filled with monsters
Only they are not as easy to spot as the one's in the closet or under the bed
The day she will blame you for making her believe what you told her was true
Setting her up for disappointment and all along knowing you were only doing it for her own good
And what about the day she tells you she hates you and the world is ripped up from under you
You believe what you are told not out of ignorance, but more or less because of wishful thinking
And somewhere down the line it comes back to bite you in the ass
Because if everyone always got what they wanted pain, suffering, and endurance wouldn't exist
So the saddest day of all is today
The day I chose to let go of something I knew wouldn't work
But in my head I had led myself to believe so
Because maybe I was too scared to look at myself in the mirror and know what kind of person I have become
What about the day she lies straight to your face?
And you come to find she has decieved you in the worst way
She has made her bed and lays in another

"Nothing is easier than self-deciet. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true." -Demosthenes

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