Chance for Change

(I love you already)
Today, I don't know where life is taking me

Today is fascinating

I am truely blessed

As I had thought life wouldn't change or get better

I remember sitting alone, empty, full of remorse and hatred for the world

And at some point, while I was too busy holding onto the past, change came

I look back on a time when I feared change

And today change is the reason my life is so good

I take back all the things I said

I think it will all work out this time

Just like it did the time before that

Maybe the moral of this all is, for me, to not be so judgmental

And if you give time a chance it can change

It did for me, and now I couldn't be more happy

Content with the way things are going

Today I will give a chance, a chance for change

1 comment:

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

today i will give a chance, a chance for change...(me too) xoxo nita