Published May 30

As the sun hits my back on this late May afternoon,
I am thankful to still be here
And tomorrow it will be all the same
As I get to spend an entire day with my sister and unborn nephew
Today under the warmth of the sky, I felt someone reach over and touch my back
And as I looked up to see who it was
I was greeted by a warm smile from the clouds
One that I used to know all too well
And it reminded me of why I get to be here still
Why I should be greatful my time wasn't taken as soon as others
So for now I want to say to the person I know who was smiling at me from the clouds..
I still think about you everyday

And I can't remeber a time that I didn't think about you as I walked home from school
Or relaxed under the sun like today
And as I smiled back

The sun grew stronger on my face
And I felt beautiful..

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