Just for a While

Someday I hope we can all look back
And be reminded of how we might have never realized it
But we got what we always wanted
So I'm not afraid anymore
I know now that no matter how much I try
I can't hault the inevitable
And the funny thing is I really thought I was capable of doing it
I just never comprehended that I was never in the drivers seat
Even though in my heart and mind I felt so
So I learned to smile more these days
Because to be honest it's gotten everyone fooled
And for the first time it feels good to take a back seat
And I find it more thrilling to see things looking in
Rather than being rapped in it
And I laugh now
Not only because they have no idea
But just because their thoughts are so predictable
Their movements too thought out
The truth is -
We are all possibly living a great amount of lives
Though only making it through one
And capable of experiencing it all
But only if you're able to let yourself put the breaks on
And let someone else take the wheel
..just for a while

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