On a day off..

Things have gotten a whole lot better
Today I recognized how much I've changed
It's been a week
And the best one I've had in a really long time
I'm no longer worrying about what's coming next
For the first time- this change was good
It's almost amusing how much of myself I see in him
The way he talks about life and happiness
Is what I felt like I've been trying to say all along
I guess I had thought I found myself
And I was dissaponted and almost scared to accept what I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life
But I'm noticing now how wrong I was
So from today on, I'm taking a little time to reinvent myself
I know I'll begin to fall into old habbits, but these things happen
It's a part of the process
That I'm not to sure how long it could take
And it might take me forever and I'm ready for that
I'm ready for whatever
Because it's taken a huge struggle to get myself here again
And I'm not about to let it slip away again

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